Former Aussie captain Greg Chappell has claimed that India have been identifying talent way better than Australia of late.

While stressing the importance of a complete domestic overhaul, Chappell said that both England and India were ahead of Australia as far as grooming young talent is concerned.

He also credited the former Indian great Rahul Dravid for replicating the idea of Australia’s domestic structure and is reaping the rewards.

"India have got their act together and that's largely because [India's National Cricket Academy chief and former Test captain] Rahul Dravid has picked our brains, seen what we're doing and replicated it in India and with their much larger [population] base," Chappell told

Chappell daringly claimed that Australia are currently way behind India and England and are not bringing enough top-class talent to the forefront.

"I think we've already lost our position as the best at identifying talent and bringing it through. I think England are doing it better than us now and India are doing it better than us." he added.

The former captain of Australia has warned the authorities and suggested major changes in the domestic structure to be able to compete against the top teams.

"Historically, we've been one of the best at developing young players and keeping them in the system, but I think that's changed in the last couple of years."

The 72-year old called it unacceptable to be losing any young player with great potential to succeed at the highest level.

"I'm seeing a bunch of young players with great potential who are in limbo. That's unacceptable. We cannot afford to lose one player," he said.

At the end, he also recommended Australia's premier first-class season of Sheffield Shield to start in early August or September each year in order to have a complete 10-match season before the Big Bash League (BBL) starts.

He also wants a separate reserved period for Australia A matches to provide the players with a better level of first-class cricket besides their Sheffield Shield tournament. For one-day tournament, Chappell suggested the window of February-March or between Sheffield matches before Christmas in December.