Senior all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez is known for making bold statements and he once again grabbed the headlines with his latest tweet regarding the ‘unsatisfactory’ performance of the current Government in the sector of sports development.

According to Hafeez, there are no heavy investments in sports development and nothing has changed under the new Government of the former captain Imran Khan.

“Sports infrastructure and development was given less priority in the past and sadly [it is] still not the priority of new elected government as I haven’t seen any development so far in the last two years,” Hafeez tweeted.

He also requested the cabinet of the Prime Minister Imran Khan to look into this matter seriously. 

“I urge Imran Khan and his cabinet to look into this matter ASAP.”

Hafeez had a detailed interaction with the PM earlier and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) wasn’t happy with the all-rounder meeting the PM without their prior permission. Now this recent tweet from the Professor is only going to add fire to the fuel.