The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced that the players and staff members of the PCB will contribute financially in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic. According to the press release of PCB, centrally contracted players of Pakistan are going to donate 5 million PKR collectively to the Government’s emergency fund. 

As far as the staff members of the PCB are concerned, senior managers are going to donate one day’s salary whereas, general managers are going to donate two day’s salary. Also, the PCB as a body will balance the contribution of its workers to the Government's fund.

The Chairman of PCB Ehsan Mani said: “The Pakistan Cricket Board has always stood with the people of Pakistan in desperate times. This is one of the gravest, most challenging and unprecedented times, which our local and federal governments and health workers are having to face with.”

“While we continue to pray for the well-being and success of our health workers so that normality returns to our society, we at the PCB are making a small contribution which will support the government in its endeavors against the COVID-19 pandemic.” added the chairman of PCB.

Mani also credited the generous people in the country that are coming out and helping the most vulnerable in the society. 

He also stated: “I am fully aware like a lot of other generous people in our society, our cricketers and staff are privately supporting the local governments and various other charities by making contributions in their own ways.  We are grateful to them for their valuable support.”

The Chairman of the PCB also said that nations are build when they stay strong together in catastrophic situations. 

“The success of nations is measured by how they come together in difficult times, and this is one such moment when we all must stand united.” 

At last, Ehsan Mani requested the people of Pakistan to follow the precautionary measures and stay at their homes in this difficult period of time. 

“On behalf of the PCB, I once again urge the people of Pakistan to seriously take all precautionary measures as these have been designed for their and their loved ones’ safety. We are a resilient nation and I have no doubt we will defeat this pandemic together.”